About Randy White

"The Los Angeles born singer/songwriter, Randy White, looks to become a force in today’s music business.  Growing up in artistic households, Randy was exposed to a wide variety of R & B, Soul, & Hip-Hop music. He recalls “singing with Marvin Gaye on the classic What’s going on.” It was the emergence of Chris Brown and the jam “Kiss Kiss” that awakened a passion in Randy that led to expressing himself through song. After a string of Sound Cloud singles, the CA college student Presents: "Love Jones,"( release May 3, 2019.) an 8-song peek into the diary of a young man discovering Love. The smooth vocals and mature harmonies solidify hooks that weave through new-generation beats and production. The result is a refreshing representation of tomorrow’s R & B, 'It speaks of Black, Red, Yellow, and White.'"

-Pump It Up Magazine 

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